Success Stories


CDF & M Insurance Consulting Services has direct working relationships with the financial institution underwriters within the specialty division of the various commercial insurance carriers. This allows us to be directly involved in assisting financial institutions with the specialty underwriter assigned to handle the unique requirements of your risk management program. We have handled insurance programs for several financial institutions which include those areas that are a critical part of any financial institution’s risk management program.

Success Stories:

  • The CFO of a large financial institution requested our expertise as we were referred in by the President of another financial institution and their correspondent bank. We met with the President and the CFO to discuss their entire insurance program. After the strategy session, we provided an in-depth comparison of their current program with our proposal. We identified several issues to include lack of coverage, inadequate limits, and policy restrictions. We were able to integrate several insurance carriers to establish a robust executive risk insurance program that addressed the requirements of both the management exposures and the operational exposures. We instituted extensive improvements to their executive risk insurance program.
  • We discussed a newly developed coverage with a financial institution that was interested in addressing the potentially devastating exposure that was not addressed in their current program. They were represented by a national brokerage firm prior to our strategy session. We obtained the coverage for the institution and a subsequent claim was made within a two year period which resulted in a covered loss of over $550,000. Had they not engaged our consulting services the loss would not have been covered.
  • We worked with a large financial institution and introduced them to a new line of coverage that was previously unavailable. We were able to put the coverage in place and within one year they experienced an unfortunate claim under this coverage which resulted in a paid claim in excess of $1.2 million.
  • We addressed the concerns of a medium size institution that was struggling with a Memorandum of Understanding. Through our efforts and our ability to communicate directly with the underwriter, we were able to secure an extremely favorable renewal for this institution.


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